Ovi Store Fails After The Sale | Symbian-Guru.com

Ovi Store Fails After The Sale | Symbian-Guru.com.

Nokia_ovi_store_feature My favourite Symbian based website is Symbian-Guru, it just edges All About Symbian mainly because it provides a full feed in my RSS application whereas the latter provides about 2 lines and nowt else. It offers an unbiased, almost non-fanboy like view of matters Symbian such as this posty about the failures of the Ovi App store to date. It is funny how all the competing platforms were so keen to get an App Store type errr…..application out and how they were all going to show Apple a thing or two about how to do it, about how to operate a completely open and unrestricted set up and how ultimately, to date, none has come close to being as successful as the original. The reasons for this are simple and have been well documented elsewhere and were well know to the platform bosses prior to launch.

Anyway, here is a good post about why the Ovi Store is yet to cut it.


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