HTC Hero

Looks like quite a few folk fancy a pop at this one. I'm sort of semi tempted myself but wouldn't want to be in the position where there is a lack of software again. I'll need to check out things on the Android application front first. Interesting that they have dumped the keyboard, I haven't seen much evidence of how good or bad the onscreen keyboard is. I do like the Curve keyboard, it is easy to use and has some useful shortcuts, holding down a letter for example capitalises it and there is a good auto correct system which measn you generally don't have to bother adding apostrophes and the like. You can even add your own text shortcuts.

Htc hero This is going to be an important device for HTC, their first non Windows Mob device for years to the point where they are now synonymous with the platform…think Win Mob think HTC. I'm not sure this is the position they particularly want to be in, especially if the falling market share for Win Mob continues in that downward direction unless they think their products are good enough to arrest the slide.
Possibly, this is them now seriously looking around and being desperate to get onto something else sooner rather than later. You'll have your hardcore smartphone user, a minority, who will really care about which platform they use whereas the general public, a much bigger target market, generally won't care two hoots about what o/s is running behind the slick HTC Hero interface. If it has a nice camera and looks cool you are more than halfway there….especially if it is affordable out of the box or with contract.

It looks like a nicer iPhone plus has the added benefit of having some buttons and it is coming to market far sooner than the Palm Pre. I've said this before a hundred times and will say it again, when it comes to marketing and making your products available, Palm are chumps. Do you see HTC restricting sales of their latest and greatest device to a tiny sector of the market? Nope, but for some reason Palm thinks that is the way to go. Lord knows when the Pre will be available outside the US.


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