List of Hidden iPhone 3.0 Features and MobileTech Podcast

List of Hidden iPhone 3.0 Features, Launch Unlimited Apps with Spotlight – Mac Rumors.

Podcast logo There are more than 96 of these hidden features listed here which should keep you going for a while. I still haven't updated my iPhone 3G but will get around to it over the weekend when I have some spare time. Oddly, I find myself starting to want a 3GS, quelle surprise…not.

On a side note, I had my most famous web personality comment this week, none other than the cool guy Kevin C Tofel himself part of the jkontherun team who also put of the wonderful MobileTech podcast. That was probably the first podcast I listened to a couple of years back and it has been a constant favourite ever since. It started my podcast craving. It's a real friendly podcast with no airs or graces, you never feel that they are talking down to you as some other podcasts do and they always make you feel very welcome and part of it, not quite sure how they manage that but it just happens.

On a seperate matter entirely, I am getting a new car tomorrow, well it's not new as it is one year old but it is new to me if you know what I mean, and it has mp3 "compatability" listed under the specs. There is a hole below the CD player into which presumably you insert some sort of lead/cable (not one that looks like it attaches to my iPod) and then attach that to your iPod. Problem is, I haven't a clue how to get my iPod working with it…what extra leads do I need or have I got to buy one of those Griffin type FM transmitter things and if so, I assume it has the necessary connection options included?

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2 Responses to “List of Hidden iPhone 3.0 Features and MobileTech Podcast”

  1. Kevin C. Tofel Says:

    “famous web personality”? Nah… just an enthusiast with passion for mobile devices and sharing that passion with others. Besides, I’d rather be known as a “cool guy”. 😉
    Thanks for the feedback and perspective on the podcast also. The show is never scripted, other than the potential topics, and even that goes out the window sometimes. It’s just a fun time for three guys who love mobile tech to have a fun and hopefully informative conversation. Sometimes we succeed at that and sometimes we don’t, but it’s always enjoyable for us. Hopefully it is for the listeners too. Thanks Murray!

  2. Adrian Says:

    Most “mp3 compatible” car stereos have a headphone type jack that you plug in to from your headphone socket on your iPod.
    Otherwise maybe it means that the CD player recognizes mp3 CDs.

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