Ordered up a Nokia E72

It was only a matter of time I guess and I’d been looking at these for a couple of weeks. The reviews I have read have been positive and I’m hoping some of the “enhancements” that have come via the new s60 3rd edition FP2 will iron out some of the annoyances I suffered with the E71. Namely, the ability to set an “access point” for all applications in the settings so that irritating “choose an access point” message won’t appear so often plus HTML email via Nokia Messaging, push Gmail via Exchange support and at last a good Twitter client for s60. In addition, Bloomberg is now available for s60 too so I can follow my meagre share portfolio (less than £1500 to be exact but it gives me something to do).

Like I said before, Santa is bringing me an iPod Touch as the iPhone 3G is going to my wife and thus it will handle all the fun stuff plus music, podcasts and the apps that are lacking for Symbian. I really like the look of the E72 and the keyboard on the E71 was superb with excellent auto-correction built in so typing was super quick on it, the camera at 5mp is apparantly very decent and I’m hoping to give it a real go and hoping it will last up until either Apple get a smaller and nicer form factor iPhone out next summer or that HTC Salsa Android device appears and is good.

I sort of deliberated between the E72 and N97 Mini for a bit and came up on the side of the former, mainly because it has the front facing qwerty and I won’t need another touchscreened device when the iPod Touch arrives. Anyone care to wager how long the E72 will last?


4 Responses to “Ordered up a Nokia E72”

  1. Simon Says:

    Don’t want to cast a downer, but I’ll give you to end January at the outside :-). Sorry mate.
    I reckon you’ll love form factor, but OS will do for you. I hope I’m wrong…..

  2. John Bridges Says:

    Good one Murray!
    I will be very interested to hear your impressions over the next few weeks.
    John in SA.

    • palmmac Says:

      Cheers John….you’ll notice I’ve been very quiet on the football front after Saturdays result…

  3. Sp1got Says:

    Nah, I give it till 5 January! (Look forward to reading about your experiences with the E72 in the interim.)

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