City 1 Swansea 0

Ouch. Another major league struggle this for the faltering blues who keep having to dig deep to dredge out results. Swansea played well, they stifled us in midfield in the first half, broke with menace and we couldn’t have argued had they gone in at half time a goal up. We were laborious in our build up play and are becoming serial side passers. To me, Nastasic is beginning to look like Savic Mk 2. We paid a lot of dosh for this guy, he’s only 19 and is relatively unproven and perhaps we should have paid a bit more to get a bit more experience.

Second half we improved and began to show a bit of urgency which culminated in a fine but slightly unusual strike from Tevez which somehow found its way into the bottom corner, confounding their keeper to the extent that he was twisting and turning and caused himself an injury in the process. After that I thought we should have pushed on and won it more comfortably but the 5 minute delay whist their keeper was removed from the pitch seemed to stop us dead in our tracks again and any momentum built up, was lost.

This was a really odd match with a flat atmosphere, played in the dark as the onset of winter approaches and which had its second half momentum rudely interrupted by several nasty looking injuries, not the usual types caused by scything challenges but self inflicted ones. Swansea, for all their neat passing and possession lack a killer touch up front which was lucky for us. “The stuff of champions” they cried after on the Bluemoon forums but some may interpret City’s inability to play with any particular degree of flair as symptomatic of more worrying matters. We can’t keep on scraping wins with last minute winners or riding our luck in this manner and seriously need to pick up the pace, quite literally, sooner, rather than later.


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