iPhone 5 returning home

Well, the little ding that was on the iPhone 5 when it arrived and which must have been done when it was being made over in happy Foxconn land began to irritate me more and more. Its placement, right at the top under the power button meant I couldn’t really miss it, had it been hidden away round the back, out of sight when being held in the hand then I probably wouldn’t have bothered too much but……darn it I thought, this is a £500 plus phone which arrived with a noticeable scratch on it, in the box plus it still makes that irritating rattling noise when it is held in a certain way or placed down on a table or when shaken lightly. Plus, there are now a couple more bits of paint flaking off near the original mark and I began to think, how crap will this thing look in 6 months time if that carries on?

So, I was just going to do a return on the Apple website but discovered that you only have 14 days to do that which is poor, I’m sure it used to be 30. I then had to call Apple, spoke to 3 different people including a lovely girl who sounded like Holly Hunter, she was from Kentucky and was very sympathetic to my slightly “enhanced” tale of woe re the marks and rattling. Forty minutes later and having spoken firmly to her “supervisor” and some other lady nearer home I had a swop out email from Apple with return instructions and a delivery date for the new one of early November, not ideal but not disastrous either. I felt so much better afterwards too, it was like a big weight had been lifted off me as the little marks and rattling had been riling me since I first got it and I was never really happy. I could have taken it through to the Apple Store in Glasgow for them to have a look but that would mean a 100 mile round trip and I couldn’t see myself having the time to do that for a few weeks…..and I wanted this sorted before then.

The only slight concern was that the nice lady from Apple Europe, who authorised the return, wanted me to send a photo of the marks on the phone so I took a couple of pics with my HTC One S and emailed them through within an hour or so. I heard nothing back from her that evening but the next morning I received a further email from Apple saying that I’d get my replacement “within 3-5 business days” and would receive delivery details nearer the time.

Fingers crossed.


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