Incipio Faxion Case for iPhone 5 review

I bought this case from here a few days ago and have been pleasantly surprised by how decent it is. Incipio are a very well know brand and for iPhones, their “Feather case” is probably the one that they are best known for. I’ve had a couple of them myself down the years…

The Faxion is a very sturdy case with a hard plastic that is glossy, not grippy, covering most of the case. The grey colouring is a softer material and adds grip. Here’s the official blurb:

“The slim durable Faxion case fuses soft and hard materials into one co-molded form. The inner layer of the form fitting case is manufactured from TPU, providing excellent shock absorbency whilst the polycarbonate-like Plextonium exterior adds additional strength and impact resistance to the case”

Yikes. The grey soft material encroaches over the edge of the sides and onto the screen, which I kind of like actually as it means all the iPhone is effectively covered/protected. The volume buttons and power button are also covered but have a very nice tactile feel, Incipio have done a good job here in keeping the responsiveness. I also like the fact there is no play in the grey material that covers the screen edges. You read about some other cases where the covering is loose, that’s the sort of thing that would annoy me hugely but the Faxion case, if you try to pull the top sides away.from the phone..well, you can’t as it so firm and solid. The drawback here being that the case is a total bugger to get off as there is so little give once the phone is in the case.

Still, I’m pretty sure this case would give some very useful drop protection as it feels so solid. It has the advantage of not feeling hugely bulky though and also offers “on the table” laying protection. The interior has a nice soft finish and the little “spots” are raised, probably with the aim of keeping the iPhone’s delicate back away from any scratching potential from the case inside.

Pro’s – very sturdy, great fit, nice two tone design, lay on the table protection, tactile buttons, lined interior should prevent iPhone back from getting scratched

Con’s – not easy to get off, makes the iPhone a bit thicker (adds another 4mm), glossy and slippery?


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