Samsung S3 mini – mini specs too

What a load of old cobblers, if the “leaked” specs are correct. What a pointless device, with a distinctly last gen screen when everyone else is moving up to hi res screens and minimum 8 mega-pixel cameras.

When this device was first mooted a couple of weeks or so ago it was claimed or suggested rather that it would be a mini version of the big and bold S111. This was important as it suggested that it would have the same top notch specs if the S111 but in a more compact form factor. Sounded appealing. Disappointingly however the leaked specs suggest considerably otherwise, its more like the Samsung Galaxy W specs of over a year ago…..pointless. I can’t believe that it would launch with such mundane hardware, if it’s being touted as a mini S111 then it needs to mirror the bigger brother’s stuff.

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