iCloud Storage free bump…hmmmm

Hmmmm. Got an email, as many other ex-MobileMe members did, extending my “free” iCloud storage for another year or so. This was rapturously received by the Apple faithful as a great gift and further evidence of the great value that Cupertino extends to its loyal minions. I’ve currently got about 350kb of stuff up there and not much stored anywhere else in the cloud, Dropbox aside.

More likely it’s a way for Apple to further tie you in to their Eco-system. If you start uploading heaps of gigabytes of music and files and stuff to iCloud in the next 11 months then when your free storage runs out and you then have to start paying for it, it’s likely a whole load of customers will take the lazy boy approach and just start paying for it instead of moving it back and looking elsewhere for alternative and possibly cheaper options. Or perhaps I’m just an old cynic.

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