Another iPhone 5 update

Okay, another week passes with the iPhone 5 and it continues to be a decent experience. My last iPhone, version 4, was jail broken and there are some things that I am already starting to miss…no, make that pine for, for version 5. Tethering for starters, which I also miss badly from Android and am thus reduced to carry round my HTC One S so I can use it out of the box for providing internet access on my Nexus 7 on the go, as they say. I’d completely forgotten actually that tethering was a no no on stock iPhones. Ouch.

I also miss not being able to reply to text messages directly from the pop up notification like you can do on Android (using mainly 3rd party apps) and on a jailbroken iPhone 4 through the likes of BiteSMS. It is actually really annoying having to go into the actual messages app to do this.

However, this can be partly balanced out by being able to backup apps and the data contained therein within iTunes making subsequent restoring much easier than on Android, please don’t tell me about the fairly awful Android backup application, I forget it’s name as I stopped using it, which doesn’t back up app data and which when it restores your apps manages to take them out of the update info in Google Play. I did like Titanium Backup but you have to root your phone to use that.

I do like the iPhone 5 but find myself casting somewhat envious eyes at the Sony Xperia T on a near hourly basis.

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