Lost in Mobile

Just happened to pop over to LIM a few hours ago. Must admit, I stopped visiting LIM a month or so ago as there are a few posters on there who just annoy me too much. You can sort of guarantee that if there is anything remotely anti-Apple (and there is usually a post or two every few days with a negative slant, like Apple is the only tech company out there with slightly less than angelic track record) then the same sad names will be straight in there….Bug Blatter and Mr Fathead…sorry Mr Fatuous with their words of wisdom. They must just be sitting there waiting for some anti-Apple story and then bang!, they’re straight in there with the same comment they’ve made about 245 times before. Yawn…

Oddly, Shaun seems to attach a lot of credence to what Bug Shagger, sorry Blatter, says when it seems quite clear to me he’s just a bit predictable and has an unnaturally strong aversion to Apple…a tech company. Perhaps he just needs to get out more?

LIM prides itself on its friendly nature but now and again feels the ned to remind its readers to cut back on the vitriol between Android and iOS which is a bit ironic as the iOS posters are always unfailingly polite and tolerant whereas it is the Android users, the two named above being two of the biggest culprits, who are the most confrontational and who regularly feel the need to point out where iOS/Apple is lacking/sinning.


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