Newsify for iPhone

Having been away from iOS for a year or so, I’d not tried any new apps during that period so going back to iOS with my iPhone 5 has been almost like starting afresh. In the past I’d tried out loads of RSS applications and my criteria was simple…….it must work with Google Reader and it must have offline caching/reading built in so I can sync via wifi in the morning at home and then read the feeds at leisure throughout the day. Stuff like “sharing” and “liking” on Facebook or Google Plus are of no interest to me. There’s a big choice of RSS apps out there in the App Store and some are well known and well thought of such as Reeder. I tried it again and it is optimised for iOS 6 and the new iPhone 5 bigger screen but it still annoys me in one important respect….even though it has offline reading facility in it and it downloads images for offline reading, there is an irritating 1/2 second delay when you open up an article and before the image appears. It drives me mad and it’s still there, a year or so after I last used the app.

So, I had a good look around and chanced upon Newsify. This has a lovely UI, when you open a feed you can choose to view the articles as either a list or in that Flipboard/Pulse Reader style which seems to be quite popular. Very stylish little app that is reliable too, does offline caching, allows me to post interesting posts to Pocket and the images appear in-line in posts immediately.  Other plus points for me include the ability to view posts in full screen, to add or unsubscribe from feeds within the app itself, post to Twitter and the ability to change both font size and font style. It’s already been tweaked for iOS 6 and takes full advantage of the iPhone 5 bigger screen estate. There is also a “universal” edition for the iPad as a further bonus….

I’ve been really quite impressed by the app and would recommend it.


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