Fulham 1 City 2

Super Dzeks strikes again.

Despite the best efforts of diddy boy Halsey to further derail City’s already spluttering start to the season and in furtherance of his appalling performance last weekend at Anfield, City recovered to dominate a useful Fulham side and snatch all three points with Big Edin’s 87th minute winner. It was rather fitting that the winning goal came courtesy of an error from “diving boy” Riise, divine retribution if you like for his pathetic dive from outside of the box into the box following the merest touch from Pab Zab in the first half.

Diddy boy Halsey then ignored a City penalty claim when Tevez was tugged back (actually inside the box this time) with much greater force. Surely the FA will be having a look at his recent performances and asking some questions or perhaps not as he is clearly still riding the sympathy vote following his recent cancer battle….a bit harsh on my part perhaps but an element of truth perhaps?

Anyway, City dominated proceedings after going behind without creating a whole host of chances and looked to have recovered some of last season’s mojo.

On the forums, City fans still questioning what role Garcia is playing and doubting he has the attributes necessary to be a success in the Premiership…..give me a break, the guy played at the highest level for Benfica in Portugal and in the Champions League, he scored goals in both, is strong, technically very good too and good in the air. The guys just arrived in the UK and is adjusting to a different style of football in a different country…might be wise to cut him some slack for a bit.


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