Sony Xperia T out now

Despite previous info from some sources that the Xperia T would not be available sim-free until next year and would be exclusive to various High Street retailers, the phone is in fact out now and can bought sim-free, without a contract…hoorah. I find myself seriously tempted by this phone, it’s a Samsung Galaxy S3 rival in slightly smaller form factor, well that’s not strictly true as it is thicker than the S3 but it’s about a centimetre shorter and a few millimetres less wide than the plate sized S3.

I was in o2 today and they have their “Bond” edition which comes with various Bond themed “goodies”, none of which sound especially appealing enough to make me want to buy it from o2. The phone they had on display was clamped to the display counter so couldn’t be lifted (very handy) and oddly, wasn’t even a real one anyway so I’m not sure why they felt the need to lock it down. I just thought….what’s the point because even if it had been a working model you’d not be able to lift it to get a feel for the phone.

Reviews for the Xperia T have been decent, most agree it is a very good phone but falling short perhaps of its main competitors. Reviews are useful of course but I tend to use them mainly for identifying any possible major issues with the phone, in case there is something I just couldn’t handle that is wrong the device and it’s obviously best to know in advance. I tend to take the rest with a pinch of salt, especially battery life verdicts as most other people are far harder on their battery usage than me and I can make most phones last long enough for my needs.

The specs just seem great, the camera is good, the screen is good, it’s fast and feels good in the hand with a nice matte finish on the back.


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