iPhone 5 update

Well, that’s a week now since the iPhone arrived and that gives time to have a wee think about what has been good and bad to date.

First thing, when an untethered jailbreak comes along I will be waiting a few days to make sure it’s okay and will then jailbreak mine as I miss the ability to have quick access to settings, such as wifi, on the homescreen and SB Settings will once again then come to the rescue. I can’t bear it….

Annoyingly, if you shake the iPhone there’s a rattling noise. I googled this and a lot of people are noticing this too, which is a relief as I’d hate to think it was only me, but it’s annoying and you don’t expect it in a £500 plus phone….my last iPhone 4 didn’t do it.

Also annoyingly, very annoyingly in fact, I noticed a week ago (about two hours after having unboxed it) a tiny scuff on the top right hand of the phone and again, I see numerous reports of other people reporting scuffed iPhone 5’s too. Poor show. At first I just thought it was a piece of dust trapped/stuck on the band bit but it was still there a few days later and it was then I realised what it was.

On the plus side, the screen is great, battery life for me has been excellent, the camera is excellent, the device looks lovely and feels great in the hand but for the first time in my Apple buying career, I’m having concerns about build quality of an Apple device. I think I’ve got a 30 day return period leeway and my concern is if the paint is already coming off, how much worse might it be in a few months time? The return period, which I think I have, currently gives me some peace of mind.


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