City 1 Arsenal 1

Bah humbug, another disappointing performance and another late goal costs us. This was a crap Sunday afternoon in front of the telly after having suffered watching an extremely fortunate Man Utd win at Liverpool with some considerable help from the referee….I didn’t realise that part of the UEFA Financial Fair Play was a new rule to ensure that Man Utd get a dodgy penalty in every game.

This was reminiscent of City 2 seasons ago when we’d score and then try and shut up shop. We were a tad lucky to be ahead at half time though after starting sluggishly. Arsenal pressed us and played well, I don’t really grudge them a point from the game but rather I’m more concerned about our inability to hold a lead plus the poor form of Silva in midfield, poor ball retention in the 2nd half of the the defence and midfield and the lack of the spark which made us such a force last season.

Plus points were a decent performance from Edin up front….and that’s about it. No idea why Mancini took him off in the 2nd half when Aguero looked knackered and had contributed relatively little.


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