iPhone 5 initial thoughts

Mine finally arrived on Friday, at around 6pm, just when I’d abandoned all hope of having it delivered. The UPS guy said I was his last delivery for the day…..good to know that everyone else got theirs ahead of me!

I was trying to be pretty cool about the whole thing in front of the kids, like you do, by being casual about when I was going to open the box but eventually caved in at just after 9pm. It’s a nice device, there’s no doubting that, very slim and light with a nice feel in the hand and the added length is a distinct improvement, especially in certain apps, such as Twitter ones, where the increase in screen estate is useful. I still maintain that around 4 inches is a great screen size, it’s big enough to see enough and yet it still makes a device easy to use one handed. I thought the same about my Xperia P when I first got it and this just backs it up.

Now, it’s been a while since I used an iPhone for any great period of time and I’d never used things like Siri, never used all that iCloud stuff and had never used the Photostream photo syncing either so I was keen to have a bash. I found the Photostream feature quite good despite having some trouble initially getting pics taken on the iPhone to appear on the iPad and MacBook Air, powering on and off all devices sorted that out problem though.

I must say it is nice to be using some of the iOS apps again, the twitter apps are on the whole better than their Android equivalents but don’t ask me why, there’s just something that is a bit more polished about them. Having said that, there are certain things about the OS that I still prefer from Android, one important one being the ability to have widgets for the likes of wifi on the home screen.  That always annoyed me about iOS, not being able to place often used settings, like you can on Android, on the home screen for quick access. I decided to be impulsive and have just left wifi on all day, even, gasp, when I was out and about for most of Saturday and well out of range of the home network.

Which leads me on to the battery life. I’m a pretty non-power user type. I have push email turned off, don’t bother with streaming Twitter, don’t make a lot of calls but I have left location services and wifi on all day. I have taken quite a few photos, checked twitter and email every 30 minutes, did some light browsing checking the football scores on Saturday afternoon, downloaded and updated quite a few apps at home and am sitting here, at 8pm, with the battery sitting at 69% which is way better that it would be on my HTC One S assuming similar usage. Not too shabby and better than acceptable in my opinion.

Speed? I found my iPhone 4 to be a bit slow, not when I first got it but 2 years down the line and after having used newer, more powerful Android phones in the last 6 months or so, it was really starting to show what it was….basically, a 2 year old and 2 years behind the latest spec device. The iPhone 5 however, is a different beast and the increased speed over the iPhone 4 is really noticeable to me, which is obviously a good thing.

So, overall my initial impressions are good. It’s a lovely form factor, it’s quick, the battery life seems very decent but of course your usage will vary, the screen is lovely and its lightness and shape makes it very pocketable and very useable one-handed. I’ve never used or touched a 4S so I can’t compare the 5 to that and can’t comment on whether it is a significant enough upgrade for current 4S users but for those who like iOS and their iPhones and don’t currently sport a 4S then it really should be considered.

More to follow.


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