MacBook Air v MacBook Pro 15 inch 2008 brief thoughts

I’ve had my Air for about 6 months now and have been very pleased with it, the device has several advantages and these mainly relate to its portability, lightness, speed and quietness. I must stress however that I’m the sort of user who is a long way away from being a power user. I don’t, for example, do any serious video editing or photoshop stuff but rather I’m a browsing, email, photo sorting type of lightweight.

My older MacBook Pro was out of action for a while, mainly due to my laziness around getting it repaired but I was concerned, when I got it back 3 months later, that I’d like the bigger screen more and might prefer having a bigger hard drive again over the smaller, MacBook Air. However, after less than an hour or so of using the Pro I was hurriedly powering it down and heading back eagerly to the Air. The Pro feels cumbersome, heavy and huge in comparison and it was relatively noisy too. This of course is the older 2008 model, before they slimmed down a year or so later.

Battery life is much better on the Air too and I find myself using it more around the house, taking it from room to room, off the power which I never really did with the Pro as it was heavier and thirstier on the power. The smaller hard drive has not proven to be an issue as yet, I’ve still got more than 70GB of free space as I’ve kept most of the bigger files, such as films/video, on a separate and external hard drive. This has the added benefit of making you do more backing up of files as you tend to use the drive more for copying and moving stuff around, something I never really did with the MB Pro. I like the 13 inch screen version and feel that the 11 inch would have been just a little too toy like for me, possibly?

Of course, the newer versions of the Air are apparently even quicker and have the option of bigger hard drives which renders the space issue even less relevant. I’m struggling to think of any important reasons, screen size apart, that would lead me to choose a MB Pro over an Air if I was in the market for one tomorrow….. probably only if I was the sort of person who insisted on keeping a lot of bigger files permanently on their laptop and/or wanted to use it for a lot of processor intensive work, such as the aforementioned video editing. For most non-power users, I’d think the Air would be a pretty darn good choice.

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