Irritating TV ads – 1 – feevtayyyy meeenettsss

Ladbrokes. And that stupid, irritating, shouting Italian bloke. Just when you think he’s finally shut up he comes back at the end of the commercial and starts shouting even louder….we can hear you, you irritating old douche bag. Apparently  he’s some famous ex football commentator from Italy…Tiziano…wish he’d stayed there.

I wonder if anyone laughs at these ads. If they do they’re probably the sort of people who think that Mr Bean or The Vicar of Dibley is funny.

And another thing, what is it with the proliferation of naked men in advertising. Funny that, I thought that gratuitous nudity in advertising was banned. Well of course, it’s banned if it’s female nudity because that would be sexist whereas for some reason male semi-nudity on TV is not sexist.

Some of the stuff you see on TV adverts these days is just crass sexism, the sort of stuff that was flying around in the 70’s where women were portrayed in a certain way that was acceptable at the time but would not be accepted today.  Bizarrely, the roles have been reversed today. In advertising men are generally portrayed as either gibbering idiots, bullys, incompetent both inside and outside the house whilst the ladies are invariably clever, sophisticated, going places and you get the impression that every single women in the world is infinitely superior to their male counterparts.

There’s this ad with that awful Amanda Holden in it, I think it’s for some yoghurt or something similar and it ends up with her surrounded by some hunky and inevitably semi-naked blokes, one of whom she is using in effect as a foot stool. Yep, I’m sure we’ll see a similar ad shortly where the roles are reversed and there’ll be some male celebrity surrounded by 4 busty and topless female slaves, attending to his every whim….errrr, no… we won’t actually because it would never be allowed in the first place.

Rant over.


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