iPhone 5 reviews seem positive?

Just checking around nervously for some iPhone 5 reviews, like you do in case the device you’re waiting on turns out to be a dud, but reviews seem positive. I especially took note of this one from SlashGear as the reviewer is a Samsung Galaxy S3 owner but unlike a lot of S3 owners (possibly now the most boorish and loud phone users?) he seems able to appreciate other phones as well:

“What the iPhone 5 really convinces me, though, is that throwing bells and whistles into a device doesn’t necessarily make it a better phone in the end. I’d drifted from the iPhone 4S because I had core needs it was no longer satisfying: a larger screen, for instance. Where the iPhone 5 edges back into the picture is in how well it integrates into my daily life. So many things I can make work on Android – video calling, for instance, but iPhone simply makes them more straightforward. If they’re straightforward, that means I use them more”

Interesting and he does make a point that many used to make about flashy specs not necessarily being the be all and end all. Of course I will make my own judgement when mine arrives shortly but I’m hoping to really like it. I’ve been away from iOS for a while and I’ve really enjoyed my Android devices to the point now where using Android seems more natural and comfortable for me.

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