Real Madrid 3 City 2

Ouch. This was painful, really painful. A few minutes away from an astonishing but admittedly fortunate result, City managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory thanks to some good old fashioned, rank rotten defending. Poor old Maicon got a bit of a metaphorical roasting in the press today but fact of the matter is he was on the pitch for 76 minutes and in that time we’d kept a clean sheet, 14 minutes later we had lost three going on six. Not sure what has happened to our leader, Kompany, so far this season, the previously dependable rock of last season has been a tad erratic this season and the overall loss of confidence in defence has proven costly so far. I think teams now realise that if they come at us then they can put us under pressure and we can crack at the back. The last 4 minutes of the match last night were shambolic and we got what we deserved in the end, nowt.

Plus marks for Ya Ya as usual, Tevez, Dzeko, Hart for his first half show and the new young defender, Nastacic but the rest were iffy. In many respects, for a supporter, you’re as well losing 4-0 than 3-2 in the last minute as the latter leaves a terrible sense of “what if”, the hurt can linger for days after. Another downer was having to watch the game on ITV and listen to the blustering but amiable Adrian Chils as well as self-proclaimed expert Roy “chopper” Keane, watching their patchy before and after coverage made me yearn for Jeff Stelling and his Sky Sports cronies, say what you like about Sky but they don’t half do a good job building up matches to fever pitch.


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