The wit of Android

Some classics from the Android fanboys over at Engadget and some things I didn’t actually realise before:

“Android does require some learning curve compared to the no-brainer IOS. IOS is only capable of doing simple things to satisfy simple needs of the iSheep and so it has zero learning curve”

“You either choose the more sophisticated but slightly and yes slightly less stable platform or you play safe and go with the more basic alternative. Face facts, all that eco-system and stability crap people site when praising the iPhone is just that..crap”

“iPhone 5….. Yawn!!!! It can only stand shoulder to shoulder with the mid range droids. In fact the very basic out dated ios makes it even worse than those. Common apple..over two years in the lab and you come out with this….laughable”

And there’s a lot more……and this from a post on the launch of the iPhone 5.  These diddy boys must spend half their day trolling round websites just looking for articles about iOS, it must be the fear of finding an article that dares to suggest the iPhone 5 is actually a nice phone that sends them into overdrive and an anger frenzy. I tell ya, Android users are becoming increasingly bitter, pathetic and aggressive towards other platforms….and they say it’s just Apple fans that are fanboys. Oh dear.

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One Response to “The wit of Android”

  1. Statto Says:

    They can’t spell either.
    “site” should be “cite”
    “common” presumably should be “Come on”.
    Must be the dodgy android keyboard *cough*

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