Sony fanboy

There, I’ve said it. I’ve become a bit of a Sony fanboy over the last year or so and it all started with the Xperia Arc last summer and then after that the upgraded Xperia Arc S. I’ve still got the latter and indeed was still using it as my main device for almost a year….that’s a long time for me.
I’ve also purchased and still use the Xperia P (mini-review to follow), I had an Xperia S for a month or so but that was a let down and I also used the Xperia Ray which was a gorgeous little thing but it was just a bit too dinky for my big fat man hands.

I’ve made a conscious decision to stay clear of Samsung for a variety of reasons, I still like HTC and have had a couple of their phones in the last 18 months, Desire S (great but the camera was beyond poor), Sensation X (crap battery) and I still run with the One S as it is a rather splendid thing but I find myself rather oddly drawn to Sony stuff despite so many of their recent offering have intrinsic flaws.

Sony have managed to stay clear of a lot of the patent stuff that’s been flying around of late, probably because they have tried to do their own thing and not nab other people’s ideas and that must surely be to their great credit. Their phone range and things like the Xperia P are just sooooo close to being really great but typically, one or two entirely av


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