Stoke 1 City 1

Well, another 1-1 draw at their place and as usual it was a bit of a battle. You don’t get much there with the hostile home crowd. After the match Mr Baseball Cap himself, Tony Pullis, said it was nice for a small club like them to get a decision against a big club. This, after Crouch juggled the ball with his left hand a couple times, enabling him to manoeuvre himself into the position where he could score from about 4 yards unchallenged.

Now, there is something I need to point out to Mr Baseball Cap. A “decision”, as he called it, is something, like for example, being given the benefit of the doubt over a tight offside decision which goes in your favour. Handling the ball to gain an unfair advantage is cheating, plain and simple. We can only deduce then that Mr Baseball Cap condones cheating. I wonder how he would have felt had City scored their equaliser in the same fashion?

Anyway, we battered their goal near the end and Javi Garcia had a pretty impressive debut so there are positives to be taken from today.


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