No No Nano at GiggyGaffy

This is disappointing. After my rush of blood to the head this morning and subsequent purchase of the iPhone 5 I suddenly realised, and it’s not exactly a minor concern, that I don’t have a nano sim to stick in the darn thing. No problem Murray I thought, trying to calm myself down, I’ll just log onto GiffGaff online and order one up.
Oh dear, seems that despite it being common knowledge for at least the last 3 months (possibly longer?) that Apple would be using the soon to be standard nano sim in their new iPhone, nobody at giffgaff thought it might be prudent to investigate getting some in so that they’d be ready to go. There’s a wishy washy post saying that they hope to get them in a “few months” time, no, don’t laugh, which some people might say might be a bit too late. Ouch.
I see, of course, that there are nano sim choppers/destroyers on eBay already but a further problem is that the nano sim is not only smaller, it is also thinner so you’d have to chop it down to size with your premium bit of eBay quality kit and then sort of sand it down. Yikes.
All a bit disappointing. Still, I’ve got a whole week to think about it and try to get things sorted out..I suppose a last resort option is a sim only rolling nano deal with 3 but that comes with problems too for me…..3 reception at my work office is appalling.


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