iPhone 5

Well, here it is and what do you all think?

The Android fanboys, after years of persecution and being 2nd best on the specs front (a fate worse than death to those nerds) are really rubbing it in…”oh maaaan, Android’s been doing panorama pictures for months…oh maaaan, look what Apple’s stolen from Android now, sammy really needs to take a look at this”… etc etc etc.

Yawn. I think they might be missing the point. The iPhone has never been about having the biggest screen or the fastest processor or the biggest..(insert pointless spec measurement of your own choice)….
Nope, it’s more about being a jolly nice and relatively simple device to own and use. The new spec bumps will no doubt add to that and make the new version a rather nice little phone to have.

The bloke at Cult of Android did a rather unpleasant little post last night, here it is, and to me it just sort of summed up the rather pathetic and aggressive anti-Apple stance that these ex-Windows Mobile fanboys delight in taking. After all, would you trust anyone who refers to a tech company in a manner that suggests they are an actual living person…”sammy”…?????

These Android sites are really starting to grate on me now to the point where I get my Android news from sites which don’t have a specific bias to any one platform and which offer a more rounded appraisal of things.


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