Some of the vitriol, pettiness and downright garbage coming from some of the supposed more respectable websites tonight after the launch of the iPhone 5 is disappointing and irritating. Android Central and WP Central being two culprits, the former offering up this mature post….the open anti-iPhone thread, for example. WP Central come out with their response insisting that the Lumia 920, a veritable barge of a phone and still vapour-ware, is supposedly superior. How would they know? They haven’t had the chance to play with either phone……but of course if a phone has a bigger screen then it automatically means it’s better in the distorted “Specs are King” land that Android and WP people live in.

It annoys me to read on some other sites how they bang on about the supposed Apple fanboys as if followers of Android and Windows Phone don’t show the same traits.


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