It’s wrong

Just looking at a whole load of pics from the Apple iPhone 5 launch and I have to say this…..guys who wear shirts outside their trousers, who are perhaps just a little bit too portly so that there’s a kind of tent thing look going on there with the front of the shirt almost appearing to magically float a foot or so above their midriff…’s just so wrong. This unpleasant and inappropriate attire can be seen sported by Phi Schiller at the event.
It’s a real fashion faux pas which has been going on for far too long, a horrid casual, untidy look that is wrong on so many fronts. Be warned.

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2 Responses to “It’s wrong”

  1. Shaun McGill (@stmcgill) Says:

    I always wear shirts outside my trousers and have done so for many years. And yes, I am fat.

    • palmmac Says:

      Therein lies the problem fatso, shed the weight and look cooler, double bonus!

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