Ain’t buying any mac apps

Don’t know whether this is intentional or there is some sort of subliminal thing going on here but since I got the MacBook Air I’ve stopped buying any new software for it. I did have a very intentional clear out of stuff when I first got it because of the smaller hard drive size, the capacity is half of what I had on the previous MacBook Pro. 

After 5 months of fairly solid use I still have more than 70gb of free space so it’s not like I don’t have any room for few new applications but psychologically I think I’ve just got used to running a bit lighter and dropping a lot of  the stuff that I never actually used or needed.
For example all the films I’d ripped have been moved to an external hard drive whereas on the Pro they were on the device. Likewise a lot of music files.
Perhaps I’ve just reached a point where my laptop usage is pretty steady and I can’t be bothered trying anything new.

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