There’s copying…and there’s this

ImageThis is odd. My twitter app of choice on my HTC One S is a free app called “Twidere” and it’s pretty good. When I was a big iOS user one of the twitter apps I used was Tweetings so, when it came to Android I was quite pleased as frankly, I’d been struggling to find one that I thought was semi decent. Unfortunately, that joy was short lived as the Android version of tweetings was rather dismal, crash prone and lacking in features. Even worse, I missed the 15 minute refund deadline.

A few days ago I was casually browsing through the Google App Store when I noticed that Tweetings had been updated. I’ll give it a bash again I thought so downloaded it and fired the thing up. Imagine my surprise to see that the UI and application have been completely revamped, well, not so much revamped as completely lifted from Twidere, lock stock and barrell. I assume there is nothing suspicious about this but rather the developers have come to some agreement although I can’t recall seeing a similar thing on other platforms I’ve used, two different apps from different developers being identical.


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