iPhone 5

Not long to go now until the latest version of the iPhone is revealed although if you believe all the leaked parts stuff that has been flying around for weeks now, a lot of it from sources with a good track record for getting these things right, then we all know more or less what the device will look like…..I’d love it if it turned out to be completely different to the leaks, say much bigger than expected.
Al the speculation seems to have revolved around the increased form factor and very very little, unless I’m mistaken, around other hardware bits like the camera. Apple needs something pretty special here as it has, in my view, lost ground to Android, certainly on the specs front anyway. I remember a few years ago it seemed like everyone else was playing catch up to the iPhone, the new iPhone version set the standard then everyone else would scramble around to match it and then the newer iPhone would come along and the same would happen. Nowq, it seems that the opposite is the case. The Samsung Galaxy S3, amongst others, has moved the goalposts and now it is Apple trying to catch up.
So, has Apple got something up it’s sleeve for the 12th? Something new and exciting….I doubt it as the Tim Cook era seems to be defining itself incrementally, small steps, nothing really really revolutionary (retina displays were on the iPhone first) and it’s all been a bit bland and disappointing really, so far.
Apple could raise the bar by sticking a whopping great 20mp camera in the iPhone 5 but I don’t know if that technology is possible yet without adding in some serious extra device thickness, a route I’m sure Apple will not be going down. Still, a class leading camera which spanks the bottoms off Samsung and HTC and Sony would certainly give them some leeway and a head start again in the smartphone specs wars for a bit. My only prediction then is a bigger, thinner iPhone 5 with at least a 12mp camera in tow.


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