Lots of lovely stuff coming up

Not from me unfortunately but rather on the new phones front….iPhone 5, which I’m a bit “meh” about, Sony Xperia T which I’m very excited about, Nokia Lumias which may or may not appear until well after everyone else has already purchased the iPhone 5 or one of the rather splendid latest Android sets, some nice looking Motorola phones that will probably not even come to the UK and various other bits and bobs like the LG Optimus range.

I did fire up my 4 month old iPod Touch this week, it got filed away when we moved house and I couldn’t see any need to bring it out of cold storage until a few nights ago…..man, iOS is sloooooowww compared to the latest Android sets. I found it frankly infuriating, Apple is really going to have to up its game next week if it is hoping to compete/forge ahead from the latest Android phones. It’s the same with my iPhone 4 which I fire up also now and then, lag here lag there, it drives me mad and within half an hour I’m holding down the power button, eager to see the slide to turn off thing appear like a blessed relief.

Still, who knows, iPhone 5 could be the fastest thing since Usain Bolt and I’ll be back in the iOS bosom like a shot but I doubt it. They’ll need to make a lot of other changes, such as quick wifi and other toggle settings, before I place the relative ease of syncing provided by iTunes, in comparison to Android anyway, ahead of its numerous other foibles.


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