Unintelligent Mobile Discussion

Good old LostinMobile, a site that prides itself, a tad arrogantly some might say, on “intelligent mobile discussion”, had an interesting poll on its site a few days back centring on whether or not Samsung had copied Apple or not…actually, for some odd reason and despite the verdict very much going in Apple’s favour the poll was slanted in a manner to suggest that it was big bad Apple who had wronged poor little Samsung and as such, should be heavily chastised for having the gross temerity to ask “sammy”, lord how I hate that abbreviation and have come to avoid any site or individual who uses it on a frequent basis, for some redress.
Anyway, some of the responses were a bit odd. More than 50% of the Android fanboys, sorry, site readers felt that companies did not have the right to defend patents…no, don’t laugh at the same try and remember this is “intelligent mobile discussion” we’re talking about here whilst they also felt that Samsung was only marginally less innovative than Apple….tee hee.
A thought struck me and it obviously hasn’t as yet struck any of them…..not one of these clowns has asked themselves the following questions:

  • where were Samsung back in early 2007 when the iPhone was announced? Still peddling mediocre Windows Mobile phones with second rate hardware and software….perhaps
  • Would  Samsung be as “innovative” now, as they claim, had they not given themselves a fairly decent leg up by pinching a lot of Apple’s ideas? Or would they perhaps be more in the position that the likes of Sony and HTC find themselves in now, companies that have tried to do their own thing down the years without blatantly knicking ideas and have possibly struggled as a result.

Some might say that “SAMMY” has gotten itself into this fairly healthy market share position precisely because it did not innovate but instead copied.

And no, I don’t use an iPhone at the moment and have in fact been an Android user for the past 16 months or so.

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