Laptop Update

I suppose I need to provide a wee update on the home computing front as it’s been a while…..the trusty and 4 year old MacBook Pro had a major league wobbly a few months back, couldn’t turn the old fellow on. It transpired it was one of a batch made in early 2008 that had a faulty graphics card which Apple recognised and offered to repair for free within 4 years even although the guarantee had long since gone.

The nearest Apple Store to me is actually in Glasgow, about 45 miles away so logically I took it with me to Aberdeen in July, about two weeks before the 4 year deadline was due to expire, as I was up there seeing my parents anyway. It was repaired and returned to me, as good as new, within a week. Not bad.

Now, all this drama had originally occurred in March and initially it left me with no laptop for a few weeks. I’d been planning to get a new laptop anyway this year but the MB Pro’s untimely and quick demise led me to purchase a replacement sooner than expected and a bit earlier than I would have liked, especially since there was one of those Apple things where they announce new products looming rather soon. Rather than wait, I took the plunge and purchased a 13 inch MacBook Air, with 128gb of storage plus the external dvd/cd drive thingy.

I’m glad I did as it has been great so far, so much quicker and quieter than the old Pro plus of course it is more compact and so much lighter. The Pro feels rather odd and bulky in comparison…it’s one of the silver keyboard models and is prior to the last two gen versions. Since the purchase of course Apple has issued revised Airs with more storage and faster processors which no doubt are better than my model but hey ho, that’s what happens and mine is plenty good enough for my rather basic needs anyway.

I’ve managed fine with the smaller storage space too, this was a natural concern after having had 250gb on the Pro to play with but to date, after 4 months plus of Airing, I’ve still got over 60gb of space available. I just keep a whole lot of big stuff, ripped films, video and music stuff on a separate external hard drive.

I’d recommend an Air to most people over a MacBook Pro unless you need a huge hard drive and constant access to your bigger files/films etc or unless you do a lot of ripping or video work or photoshop stuff as the Air can get a bit wheezy doing the more processor intensive work that some people use a laptop for.

More updates and general thoughts later. 


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