iPad 2,3 and 4 exclusive rumours/roundup

Yes, tonight I can exclusively reveal that the iPad 3 will have a better screen than the original iPad, will have more memory, will be faster, and a bit thinner, it will costs around the same price despite being a better device, it will have the same size of screen but…and this is the big EXCLUSIVE…it will actually look quite like the original iPad and iPad 2….no, it definitely won’t be round and nor will it have a built in screen wash system (apparantly, that is in the specs for iPad 46).

Stupid I know but aren’t you just about sick of all these sites coming up with their entirely predictable “predictions” like it’s some competition to come up with the most patently obvious? Basically, none of them has a clue but on the other hand it’s not exactly difficult to have a decent stab at what iPad 2 and so on will be like yet they plaster these “exclusives” across their pages on a pretty repetitive basis.


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