Mark Kermode & Simon Smug Mayo

God, these two irritate me beyond belief with their all pervading smugness, smirkiness and arrogance via their self-styled “wittertainment” film review podcast. Thing is, I enjoy Kermodes film reviews although he is depressingly predictable. Throw in anything that is subtitled or foreign which involves great periods of silence, self-angst and he’ll be all over it. My respect for him has waned ever since I saw him on BBC 2 a few years back interviewing Neil Young, the way he sooked up to him was vomit inducing and the programme should have come with a health warning beforehand.

A large part of the show revolves around them reading aloud pompous emails from adoring “wittertainment” ( a word you’ll hear a lot of in a typical show) fans (aka sycophants) whose sole purpose appears to be to bolster even further the already bursting egos of the two hosts. This pair are so far up each others areses they could lick each others tonsils.

If anybody can recommend a decent film review podcast without the sickening smugness please let me know.

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