Man Utd 2 Man City 1

Oh the pain, the pain…will it ever end? I thought it might end up until about 2.30 on Saturday afternoon but alas there was a depressingly familiar outcome. I suppose I could take some limited solace from the fact that City more than held their own for most of this match and could consider themselves a tad unlucky not to come away with a point. We certainly played a heck of a lot better than the corresponding fixture earlier this season at Eastlands.

Of course what made it even worse was that a few hours later I had to sit through a dodgy Spurs win at Sunderland which makes a big dent on City’s chances of even finishing in the top four. I can’t understand it, for the last few weeks City and their staff have been talking about continuing to challenge for the league title, a feat I believe to be well out of their reach, certainly this season anyway, whilst they’ve only ever been a couple of poor results away from slipping out of the Champions League places. Now, if Spurs win at Blackpool in their game in hand and Chelsea win both their games in hand we’ll be fifth. A not exactly improbable scenario. City’s form of late has been mediocre and hardly that of aspiring champs….losing 1-0 to Villa when they were in the bottom 3, drawing 2-2 with Birmingham when they were in the bottom 3 and scraping a draw with that acknowledged super power of European footie, Notts County.


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