Some useful Jailbreak iPhone apps…

Nearly a week now with my jailbroken iPhone 4 and so far no problems at all. I have synced with iTunes several times with no ill effects. Like I said before, I did this with the intention of only making a few, subtle tweaks and had no intention of making wholesale changes although with the range of stuff available through Cydia, it is tempting.

A couple of things about Cydia. Firstly, the Cydia app, rather oddly, does not appear to support multi-tasking on the iPhone 4. No doubt there is a good reason for this but it means that if you download something and then try it out, when you go back into Cydia to look at other stuff you need to go back to the start. Secondly, Cydia is chock full of irritating and large advert and navigating through it is cumbersome. This app is so un-iPhone like it is almost funny….I am complaining which is of course grossly unfair bearing in mind the huge advantages it potentially bestows upon the user and I’d pay to get an ad-free version of it.

A couple of apps /settings that I tried out caused my phone to crash so I swiftly deleted them but I have kept, and paid for, some bits of software. SB Settings is a must and is free. This gives you an Android like pull down top menu from the status bar, actually the app gives you a whole host of ways of activating it but I have chosen the “swipe across the top status bar” method as the latter is visible in all screens thus giving quick access. The app itself gives you quick access to many useful settings that are normally only found in the “Settings” icon on your iPhone. You can also add in many “add-ins” available in Cydia store, many of which are free. I personally have added in a setting to close all running apps at the touch of one button. This add-in also allows you to specify exclusions to which apps should be shut down.

Next up is Infinidock which is almost invaluable to me now. This allows you to add as many items to the dock as you wish and you can either have loads showing at the same time (in which case they get all jammed together) or you can just swipe left and right to see the next batch of docked items,,,which is the way I have set it up. Really useful. Under a £1 too…

Overboard allows you to show all screens on the one page by either pressing the icon or setting up a touch orientated gesture or by pressing buttons of your choice. If you have loads of screens filled with apps then just one button press or gesture lets you access them all and one further press takes you to that screen.

I’ve also replaced the stock SMS application with iRealsSMS which is like a turbocharged (lazy simile) version of SMS. It adds many useful features to your texting software such as contact pics in the message view, folder support, the ability to reply from the text preview on your lock screen or springboard without having to open the app itself, loads of “privacy” settings and a whole lot more.  You can also call someone from within a message received. It cost about £9 I think, which is kind of expensive for an iPhone app but I think it is worth it.


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