SGP Carbon back protector

Another day, another back iPhone screen protector. Having gone from a Zagg Invisible Shield protector on the back, which I foolishly took off, to a Power Support back protector, which was good but not as thick as the Zagg, to the SGP Carbon fibre look back which you can see in the photo here. Now, don’t get me wrong. I do not think that it is the bees knees in terms of looks but rather it has been applied for other reasons, the main one being to add a bit of grip (which it does) and to completely cover the back screen of the iPhone.

My previous protector was the Power Support one and I have reviewed it previously on here. It was a cinch to apply, the easiest of any protector, and it would have stayed but for one irritating incident whereby overnight, this scratch like thing appeared on the back of the phone, about an inch in length. Ouch I thought, it can’t be on the actual phone because the back was unblemished when the film was applied. Must be just a mark on the protector was my next thought but try as I might I could not wipe it off. So again I thought, hmmmm, must be on the phone then….damn it. Anyways, I was then left with that unpleasant feeling of having a possible scratch on the phone, visible as an unpleasant reminder 100% of the time.

That is when I decided to go for one of these SGP back covers, my reasoning being that I can pull off the Power Support protector to finally find out once and for all if there is a scratch on the phone and if so, at least I can hide it with the carbon fibre back cover for good and even if there is not a scratch then I will still apply it as it will stop me worrying about in the scratch situation in the future. I don’t know, I just don’t particularly like the glass back of the iPhone, it makes me nervous and now I don’t have to concern myself at all with it.

I think I paid about £19 for this, off eBay although you can get cheaper versions. I did in fact order a cheapo version, for under a £5 but the quality, when it arrived, was not nearly as good as the SGP one which is thicker and has more of a textured feel too. It was easy to apply, having the cut out for the Apple logo helps when lining it up and you can apply and re-apply it many times (as I did) until you are happy with the positioning. To be honest, I’d prefer there to be no Apple logo there as it leaves a bit of the back exposed to possible scratching although the carbon fibre effect does raise it a bit clear of the logo when on a desk. There’s no problem with the flash when taking pictures either and the iPhone still fits in my Brodit iPhone car holder and Herbert Richter windscreen mount too.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with it and reckon it will stay on for a good while. I’d replace it though if there such a thing as a matte type back stick on protector, like the material used in the Incipio Feather case.


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