Noreve iPhone 4 case

I’ve always liked Noreve’s stuff, I had a case from them for my Treo 750, Blackberry Curve, Treo 680 and iPhone 3g in the past. It was the usual plain black leather, with a flip over cover. Those cases were great, gorgeous black soft leather, really well fitting cases, nicely made, nicely packaged in plush looking boxes and always about £20/£30 cheaper than the likes of Piel Frama with, to my mind, no discernible loss in quality. Those phones of course were quite bulky and as a result the cases, being thickish leather, made the combined package quite thick and unfortunately, a bit pocket bulging.

The iPhone 4 is a bit thinner so I though I’d revisit the Noreve case line and purchased their “mobile tradition leather” case from an online UK seller. The case costs about £30, which is about £10 more expensive than the likes of these silicon and soft touch cases, amongst others, that you can buy in the High Street and also online yet the difference in quality is large and far outweighs the additional cost. The packaging has changed slightly, you still get the Noreve box but the whole thing now comes in one of those blister style packs. It also comes with the kit to let you attach a permanent belt clip, if you are that way inclined or you can remove the stud from the back so that the case lies flat on a desktop.

This case is so nice, feels so well made and has a lovely feel and smell. The iPhone 3g case was styled so that you slid the phone in to the case whereas the iPhone 4 version is different, you just sort of press it in and the slightly raised corners act as holding clips. It’s easy to get it in and not too hard to get it out either. Once in though, the iPhone feels very secure, there is no way it is going to slip out. Another difference to the 3g case pertains to the closing flap. On the older iPhone the closing flap wrapped around the bottom of the case and up onto the back and was secured with a stud type arrangement. This case dispenses with that and instead the flap is incorporated into the top case design, is rigid and clips onto the top of your phone, inbetween the on/off switch and headphone socket. With the case “locked”, it looks very compact and I’m sure it would offer good protection in the event of a drop.

All the ports, such as dock and volume buttons, are fully covered and unusable with the case on….actually they’re not but I thought I’d mention that because everyone else seems to feel the need to record that detail in reviews when really, it should be taken for granted…no?

It’s a lovely case but the big drawback for me is the flip style, I just can’t get used to it and it doesn’t feel right having that dangly bit flapping away. As mentioned in a previous post, I’ve now got a preference for pouch style cases, just for transportation purposes as I basically prefer to use the iPhone as is, unencumbered by a case so I have returned the case and asked for another by Noreve as a replacement, this time their Tradition Pouch case. Still, if you are a flappy case type of guy or gal then it’s a case that should be considered alongside the likes of other flip cases from Senna, Vaja and Piel Frama.

You can buy it off the shelf in black from here, or if you go onto the Noreve site then there is a choice of colours and materials.


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