MacBook Air….finally tempting?

These new MacBook Airs were announced last week at the big Apple event but haven’t received a whole lot of positive comment to date, perhaps people still remember too freshly the over priced and under powered, but mightily pretty, originals. You get the impression that people haven’t been taking it seriously since it was first announced a couple of years ago and that has continued.

On paper the specs for the new model, especially the 11 inch version, don’t look promising with a 1.4ghz processor and a fairly measly 64gb of  storage whereas the 13 incher…oohhh errrr….would also appear to struggle with its 1.8ghz. These are the sort of processor speeds that were on MacBook Pros 4/5 years ago. However, I’ve read a few reviews of the new models in the past few days and the praise for both models has been positive. This review is for the 1.4ghz model and is almost quite gushing.

Apple’s new 11-inch MacBook Air is astonishing. It’s unbelievable. It’s the most exciting consumer PC that’s come out for years. It’s a netbook, but it’s not a PoS. It’s blazing fast. It’s unbelievably light and thin. It’s beautifully made. Really beautifully made

This one too goes on about how quick it seems in ordinary operation which is surprising given the rather paltry, on paper, processor speed.

Overall, I love it so far. Having a machine this small, with a keyboard and screen this good, decent battery life and good performance is great. Now when it tags along with my work machine, I’ll be wondering if I even put it in my bag.

The cheapest version is the 1.4 with 64gb of storage and that costs £849, which is about £250 more than an iPad with similar capacity and for that you get more of a laptop experience with a keyboard, full size too. Before, I was thinking I might finally get an iPad but now I’m not so sure. Steve Jobs, who has been right on a few occasions recently with regard to making predictions, seems to think that the Air is the future of portable (mac) computing and if he says so then the days of the MacBook and MacBook Pro must be numbered. Sounds like the Air will come out of the shadows and become a serious proposition after a spell when it just looked liked an expensive toy.  When flash storage becomes cheaper then surely we will see the likes of the Air, specced up with 500gb “hard drives”, being Apple’s “pro” laptop solution. I don’t know, I might hang on, get an iPad and then when I replace the MacBook Pro in a year or two, look at the Air instead of another Pro.


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