Vaja cases

I once had one of these, I think it was for a Treo 750 but can’t be sure. It was very nicely made and had a wonderful leather aroma but for some reason I sold it on quite quickly on eBay, probably because it was a flip style case and I just cannot get on with them. I’ve slowly come to the conclusion that I like the look and idea of cases that are meant to stay on devices full time but just can’t live with them for a couple of reasons. Reason number 1 is that they invariably get in the way of accessories, such as my apple dock and Herbert Richter air vent mount holder and it can be a pain to get them off and on quickly or easily, and reason number 2, they add some bulk to your phone and when you have a lovely slim and nice-to-hold device like an iPhone I think it is a shame to hide it away and at the same time, detract from the tactile pleasure of the phone.

So, I have sort of determined, for a time anyway, to go with pouch style cases as they are great for protecting your phone in transit (which is when I want the protection anyway), you can get the phone out quickly and easily and thus you can continue to use the phone with your add on stuff. I’ve already got a decent pouch case, the Proporta Maya case, which I’ve had for a year or so. It’s a universal style case which was originally bought for an iPhone 3G but which also fits the iPhone 4 and the HTC Legend which I also had for a bit. It’s quite reasonably priced too and comes in several colours, as you can see from the picture on the left. It’s a soft case mind so will offer little protection in the event of a nasty drop.

I actually had a good look around for a good quality leather case online, one that you could customise a bit but all I could find was the Vaja “Retro Pouch” for the iPhone. There are loads of different colour options and I had a heck of a time deciding what to go for. My initial preference was to go for the black with a bright orange stripe but my wife dissuaded me from that, as she did with the black and baby blue stripe so I ended up going for the black with nautical blue. I kind of wish I had gone for the orange stripe, sometimes it’s best not to ask for a 2nd opinion….Not to worry, delivery time is 25 days plus, or so it says on their website.


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