Pwange tool to jailbreak

I finally did it after a period of humming and hawing about whether or not to jailbreak. To be honest, there wasn’t a whole heap of stuff or apps or features that I was missing on my stock iPhone 4 that made me so unhappy that I just couldn’t hold out any longer, far from it, there were however a couple of tweaks I knew I could do on a jailbroken version that I felt would enhance my useage. The main one being to get quicker access to some of the settings, such as wifi and 3g.

I won’t bother or bore you with all the gory details about the process because firstly, it wasn’t that difficult at all and secondly, the full instructions can be found here….the tool that I used is only for macs at present. I did initially balls up the bit where you have to enter DFU mode but the application is forgiving and gives you as many tries as you need to get it right. I also did not bother adding in any software from the available packages as the Cydia app on your iPhone, post jailbreaking, gives access to the same stuff.

From start to finish it was under an hour. The first thing I did after restoring the phone with the new firmware was to fire up Cydia and download SBSettings as this was the software I’d read about in advance and knew I wanted because it gives you fast access to toggling on the wifi setting, amongst others. You just need to swipe across the top status bar and this brings up the menu, then tap the wifi icon and that is it. You can also change bluetooth, 3G on/off, power on/off, brightness and other stuff which is really very handy.

My iPhone, apart from one early odd sort of crash thing, has been stable. It’s always a concern when you do something like this in case everything goes to pot but I remembered that I used a previous Pwnage tool on my old 2G and it worked just fine for 2 years after without a concern. In addition, it is seemingly very simple to restore back to factory settings should the need arise, a factor that is important to me for peace of mind.

I’m going to have a peek at a few others apps and possible tweaks to see if there is anything else I should be doing. The WiFi sync app looks tempting but previous wifi syncings on other smartphones via Missing Sync were painfully slow so that deters me.


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