iPhone 4 Griffin Etch case

This is quite similar to the Pro-tec case I purchased, coincidentally on the same day and from shops about 20 yards apart in the Ocean Terminal shopping centre in Edinburgh. I bought the Pro-Tec one first, stuck it on my iPhone first and was so impressed that I wasn’t going to bother getting another case but when I popped into CPW and saw that they had the Griffin Etch case in stock, well, I just couldn’t help myself…again.

Oddly, previously I hadn’t liked the sound of these cases with the silicon/rubbery type construction on the sides and had studiously avoided them but the Pro-Tec one made me think again and when I saw that the Griffin case was a similar style I just decided to go for it.

There are various reviews of this case on you-tube, this one for example. so you can see for yourself what it looks like. As I said before, it is a similar style to the Pro-Tec case with a hard back and rubbery sides that again come out and over the screen. The volume buttons and on/off button are covered too but are easy enough to operate with firmish presses, not as smooth as on the Pro-Tec case but still okay. They may loosen up with use perhaps?

The major difference is that the Griffin case has a carbon fibre look to the back plate and the back plate is sort of recessed slightly in that the side lips are higher, in addition there is no Apple logo cut out which I prefer to have covered anyway. This case is also quite slim and feels pretty sturdy. With this case on I can’t use my iPhone 2G dock but that is not a huge problem, I believe that some 3rd party docks have a design that enables cases like this to be used in a dock so if that’s important to you then jolly good. Taking a few photos with the flash showed no problem either.

It also doesn’t let me use it with the Brodit iPhone 4 car holder either but then again, it is not hard to remove the case from the phone. Overall, this is another nice case and I now kind of like these designs as they are less bulky than many other options I’ve tried, are simple to get on and off and I like the fact they enable you to place the iPhone face down on a table/surface without the screen coming into direct contact with the surface. The only thing that concerns me, and this applies to the Pro-Tec case too, is that the rubber bit at the bottom, the bit that sits above the dock connector, is quite thin…in fact make that very thin.

This case retails for £19.95 in CPW and much the same price online (actually on Amazon UK they claim to be selling it for under £9) and again comes recommended. I prefer the carbon fibre back of the Griffin case over the Pro-Tec frosty style but that of course is a personal thing.


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