iPhone 4 case – Pro-Tec from phones4u

Is that the right name for the shop? It’s one of those old style phone shops where you can’t be in the shop for longer than about 0.02 of a millisecond before some dodgy looking geezer with the sort of hairstyle he’ll deeply regret in 10 years time accosts you with one of those obviously-straight-from-the-cheesy-sales-book lines….”what sort of phone are you looking for mate?”….The type of phone “mate”, that I can buy without you bugging me for starters.

Anyway, to befit their slightly downmarket image they have a range of competitively priced iPhone 4 cases and being the snob that I am, I wasn’t expecting much from them. I picked up the Pro-Tec Covert case for £14.95 but have just noticed you can get it online for £8.95 and it is good. It has a hard back, with a cut out for the Apple logo & camera, the back is almost frosty looking and slightly grippy whilst the sides are rubbery and very grippy. The sides come out and over the screen so it offers “table protection” as they call it and it is a nice, snug fit. The volume up and down buttons on the side have no cut outs but instead have very slightly raised circles which make adjusting the buttons very easy. The power button on the top is also covered but again works very well with only a slight press needed. I did notice however after a day that my screen protector was starting to lift slightly in the top right hand corner.

Overall the case is very slim and adds very little size wise to the iPhone 4, it is very trim looking. This case puts more expensive competitors, often more than double the price, into the shade. I’m quite impressed by this case indeed…hopefully it won’t fall apart within a few weeks and leave me feeling rather silly but it feels quite sturdy and is easy to get on and off, unlike my Incase Slider, but more on that one later.


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