Windows phones announced

Earlier it was the fairly official announcement of Windows 7 and various new phones that will sport the new OS. Some of these new phones look quite tasty and in a bygone era, well not that very long ago actually, I’d have been very interested.

The least attractive looking to me is the Dell slab. That keyboard looks handy but at the same time looks a little bit too close to the bottom of the device and this may result in a cramped typing experience. Palm Pre anyone?

Not so sure about the surround sound on the HTC7  device either, can’t really see the point in that. It’s a nice idea I suppose in the sense that it is ground breaking but if you are going to be listening to music or a film then surely you would do so with your headphones in? Not sure when you would use it propped up like in the pics without headphones?

Still, it is good to see another competitor entering the fray and it can only benefit us all in the longer term. Not sure how well this “new’ platform will do though as the other major players have already established eco-systems in place, with many users who have already splashed out a heck of a lot, well I have anyway, on software.  Will these people be prepared to start out again and open their wallets again?

This OS may look super flashy and score very high on the eye-candy factor scale but it doesn’t multi-task and the UI may not be that customisable, according to reports. Some previous WM6 people may find these factors and limitations hard to stomach.


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