SafeWallet for Mac

I’ve been waiting and hoping for this to finally appear and joy of joys, it has at long last. I first started using SafeWallet when I used the BlackBerry Curve a couple of years ago and grew to like it for the ease of use, adding new categories and setting up custom entries was a piece of cake. I had the PC companion too which I used on my old work PC. Then the iPhone version arrived and I was able to sync  my PC file to the iPhone version using the crap Samsung N150 Netbook, about the only valid reason for not throwing that PC in the bin where it belongs.

Now, I can dispense with using the PC version altogether. Hoorah. The mac version is only $8.95 at full price and it is simple to use. I downloaded the dmg file, opened it up and immediately it gave me the option to sync with the iPhone application. That worked smoothly and was very quick. I think the desktop app version is worth it as it allows full editing and creation of new entries and wallets so gives full functionality.

If I’m being frank, SafeWallet is probably not as full featured as the likes of 1Password which gives extra features but at a fairly hefty additional initial outlay. But you know sometimes how you just sort of prefer a certain bit of software or mobile application even though you know another one may be slightly better? You just kind of like it for a reason or two that you can’t quite put your finger on…that is how I feel about SafeWallet, it just looks and feels great and works really well too. Now that I have SafeWallet on my mac I think I will probably abandon 1Password for good once I have transferred across some additional entries.

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