Case-Mate “barely there” for the iPhone 4

I don’t think that I mentioned getting this case a month or so ago for my iPhone 4? It appealed in the first place because it is very similar in look and feel to the Incipio “feather” case and has a very small imprint. It also has that nice soft, matte touch feel that I like so much. the case shell is quite rigid, it’s not silicone and it doesn’t really flex much. There is no cut out for the SIM card whilst the top and bottom are very open. I tried to dock it in my old iPhone 2G dock, into which the iPhone 4 sits easily naked, but it won’t fit with the case on. I may need to get a non-Apple dock.

It differs to the Incipio case in a couple of ways. Firstly, whereas the Incipio case sits below the level of the screen this one rises above it so you could, for example, place you phone upside down on a table and the case will provide that little bit of clearance to stop the screen getting into contact with the table surface. I feel Incipio erred here. The Case-Mate case feels like it wraps around the device a bit more too which  to me, makes it feel like it is giving a bit more protection.

For some reason though, the case has a cut out for the Apple logo on the back which could in theory mean possible scratches on the logo but it is unlikely, I guess, as the case is obviously raised above the logo. Another difference is that on the left hand side, the cut out for the silence rocker and volume buttons are not completely exposed as they are on the Incipio version. Again I prefer the Case-Mate version for this reason.

This case is not going to give your iPhone a whole lot of protection if you drop it, nope, it is designed for those who want a case that is very thin and very light and which does not add a huge amount of heft or thickness to the phone and in that respect it does the job. Personally, I think it is a better case for the reasons mentioned above than the Incipio Feather and would recommend it with the caveat above.


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