iPhone cases…

Not sure what has come over me in the past few weeks but my once dormant (luckily) case obsession has unfortunately been awoken with a vengeance and as a result I’ve been shopping around. Oh yes… Several cases or rather styles have attracted my attention, including pairing an Apple bumper case with one of those SPG carbon fibre back covers (possibly a naff look?), trying out one of those over-priced Vapour 4 cases that many report as causing some more reception issues but which look so darn good and one of these SGP Slider cases, again with some distinctly iffy youtube reviews of late (something that tends not to worry me). I have since ordered up an Apple bumper off eBay rather cheaply, it is seemingly new in the original packaging. Despite being rather plain it does tend to garner decent reviews and being able to get it on and off quickly may be a bonus.

Notwithstanding the above, I had previously ordered off eBay last week an Incase Slider case as I like the look of it, am a big fan of those soft touch matte cases and now realise that I need a case that has a lip that is higher than the screen. That is it in the pic by the way. My Incipio feather case is super slim and feels great but oddly, sits on the front below the level of the main screen which I find a bit disconcerting for some reason.

The Incase is not a million miles different to the Speck Fitted case that I got for nowt from Apple in terms of style, it has soft touch sides and front but with an almost cloth/material like dark grey tartan back. It’s a very nice case that comes in two parts, you have to place the iPhone in the bottom part and then clip on the top half. It feels very protective but the only drawback for me is that the design, the two clipping together halves, means that the case can flex slightly down the sides at the front….but boy, do I hate cases that feel a bit wobbly even if, in this case, it is only a slight wobble as I find myself purposefully avoiding holding the phone in a certain way so as to avoid feeling the slight wobble….yuk. Golden case Rule Number 1 – nae wobbles please.

Anyway, I feel (fervently hope) that the Incase case will be different, being a slider construction with the two parts sliding into each other and from the videos seen on youtube, it looks to be really solid. The only problem with that case is that it apparently lifts off your front screen protector but if the case is good then I may just choose to live with that & dispense with mine.  Another advantage of this type of case is that you can pull off the smaller bottom part and then dock it to charge. It’s odd and a bit annoying but most of the cases that I have looked at and really liked have been ones only available in the US and not for sale, as yet, here in dear old blighty.

The nagging doubt always remains though….the one that speaks to me in the quiet of the night and claims “all cases are shit” and I suspect the voice is right, the only case I have ever truly used for a sustained period of time (that is to say more than 2 days) was the Incipio Feather case for my iPod Touch. All other cases for all other devices, and there have been plenty in both camps, have fallen quickly by the wayside owing to all round general rampant unusability and therefore the odds of any of the above mentioned cases lasting the pace are slim, very slim. You get that whopping surge of excitement and expectation as the small parcel arrives, quickly followed by an equally humongous down as the dawning realisation smacks you in the face that the case suddenly does not look nearly as good as it did in that online video or website pictures. Not only that but it feels like it would have cost about £2 to make.


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