I feel an iPad coming…

When did this thing come out? I can’t remember but I had my first play with one a couple of weeks ago in the Aberdeen Apple Store. Incidentally, I read somewhere that Apple is looking to open a store in Edinburgh at some point and is in discussions with the Council about a suitable site. I’d imagine they’d look to get a place in George Street which I’d imagine has the necessary gravitas, pomp and style of building they’d be after.

I was with the wife and kids when we just happened to be in the locality of the Apple Store in Aberdeen, ahem. Disappointingly, I could not see a single iPhone 4 case…what was happening there? Anyway, they had loads of iPads on display and it was interesting to see that the amount of people trying to get a play was on a par with the amount of folk trying out the new iPod Touches and was well in excess of those looking at desktops and laptops. My six year old daughter, Vanessa, took to the iPad very quickly and was able to fathom how it was operated once I had opened up one of those zombie thumping games on it for her. My wife, who has zilch interest in gadgets, had a right good play too with a music application and again, found it simple to use.

When I compare it to that bloody awful Samsung netbook that I bought earlier this year, it’s like chalk and cheese. Everytime I switch that damn thing on it spends the first 10 minutes or so trying to download what seems like every bit of software invented in the last 15 years. I pity my son Edwin who has had to use it for the last few weeks whilst his PowerBook is out of action. I sit in the front room, MacBook Pro on my lap, and hear the poor wee soul muttering and cursing the Samsung under his breath at regular intervals…ouch. My wife won’t go near it. I reckon I can turn this around to my advantage in my quest to get an iPad in the house as I point out and show how simple the Pad would be for the whole family to use….

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  1. David Ross Says:

    I’m using an old Sony Vaio at times it lumbers along with Xp sp3 on 256 meg of ram It takes an age to boot and is almost gubbed that way. I use it now running Puppy Linux and its blistering fast and acts as a net book. Wonder if it would be worth trying to run that on the Samsung. With XP the Netgear wi-fi dongle I use would drop connection all the time but pretty solid with Puppy. http://puppylinux.org

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